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These courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This increases flexibility and adapts to the pressures of everyday life.

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Why Should I Choose e-Learning?

Saves costs and saves time

Time out of work for training, though undoubtedly beneficial in the longer term, has immediate cost implications in terms of staff pay, lost output and associated expenses. Most of these costs can be avoided with eLearning.

Anytime is potentially learning time

Acton Jennings has run many courses out of working hours but a lot of employees much prefer courses which operate within normal working hours. With eLearning the employee can choose when he or she wishes to undertake the training.

Setting the pace

A lot of employees have been out of a classroom environment for many years and can find going back into that setting rather daunting. With eLearning individuals tackle the subject at their own pace, perhaps in an environment where they feel more confortable. Interactive tasks ensure a thorough understanding of each module before the learner moves on.

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